My Process


01. Research

Before we start our project together I’d like to get to know you and learn about your business so we have a better connection and understanding. In addition I research your competitors and create a full spec ready for our next stages to ensure the best quality delivered.

02. Design

I usually get started by creating concepts for your project so you can be involved in all the decisions to ensure it reflects your vision and your goals. I love to create beautiful designs but most importantly make it work for your audience.

03. Build

In this stage, I take the design and make working prototypes before going to final production. By using the latest web technologies to ensure your website is future-friendly and supported by all major browsers.


04. Launch

Once the website is tested, complete and working perfectly, with your approval we will launch it. Once the website is live, I continue to make refinements to constantly improve your project.



Branding & Identity


User Experience


User Interface Design

front-end dev