Sahar Hosseini

I'm Sahar Hosseini

The digital designer and creative entrepreneur behind Sahar Design.

I have over 12 years experience of crafting online experiences for companies and brands. My goal is to help brands and products tell their stories in a way that’s both inspired and functional. From product and UX design, to user interfaces, to art direction, I can handle all aspects of the digital process.

I’ve worked with Vancouver based companies such as Strutta, QuickMobile, Work at Play, iQmetrix and have had the opportunity to work with some of the world’s top brands such as Microsoft, Salesforce, Google, Intel, Disney, Accenture, SAP, Sundance, TCM, MTV and Virgin Holidays.

Featured on: SmashingMagazine, Sitepoint

I help startups and entrepreneurs solve their need for an effective online presence, creating professional, clean and attractive websites and mobile applications.

My Values

Work with Passion

Quality over Quantity

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Sahar Hosseini


What others have said


“Sahar’s creativity and focus on perfection was instrumental in the success of QuickMobile. She has a deep understanding of artistic beauty, form and structure and all her work demonstrates these aesthetic ideals.”

Patrick Payne – Former CEO, QuickMobile


Sahar is that rarest of design talents who can take a UX concept through from ideation to execution. Her ability to create interfaces and designs and also implement them independently makes her a valuable asset on any team. Additionally, her clean and functional aesthetics delight users and facilitate excellent UX.

Danny Wood - Product Manager, Strutta


I had a great experience working with Sahar, from when we were both building mobile apps at QuickMobile. At the early stages of the company’s development, Sahar played a key role in defining our signature products and experiences. As a UX Designer, Sahar possessed an excellent understanding of user needs and was adept at translating project goals into reality. I would welcome the opportunity to work with her again, if given the chance.

James Hsu – Product Manager, Microsoft


I would call Sahar a frontier designer. She is a rare combination of wow-factor graphic design with wide and deep experience in UI/UX, and front-end development for multiple mobile platforms and the web. She is keen to learn anything she doesn’t know and then masters it. She leads with integrity, grace, humility and is deeply respected by her team.

Christine Berka – HR Leader, UrtheCast


I have had the pleasure of working with Sahar on multiple design initiatives and highly recommend her work. She is passionate about her craft and can make even the most corporate websites and apps look beautiful.

Sean Braacx – Co Founder, Story Tap


Hard working, talented, and very creative, Sahar exhibits that rare blend of expertly managing artistic expression with the demands of business realities. Her design skills are superb, and her ability to execute successfully with near-impossible deadlines is simply amazing. I would recommend working with Sahar unreservedly.

Roohshan Divecha – Vice President, QuickMobile


I have always been impressed with Sahar’s designs as well as her ability to interpret and deliver on the client’s vision. On countless occasions I’ve witnessed her completely exceed client's expectations, and astound them with her ability to make their brand look extraordinary. She is both dedicated and passionate in delivering the best quality product possible.

Anthony Hall – QA Manager, QuickMobile